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                                             SITUATIONAL ADJUSTMENT OF SPATIAL DATA                                                      FOR ON-BOARD GEO-INFORMATION PROBLEM SOLUTION 


Malynkin Konstantin Vadimovich, Deputy director, Airborne and Groundbased Information Systems Department, JSC SPA «Mobile Information Systems» (Moscow),
Mukhin Ivan Borisovich, Senior Programming Engineer, JSC SPA «Mobile Information Systems» (Moscow),

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Execution of the on-board geographic information applications is based on the use of spatial data. Airborne computer systems have quite limited computational power. To provide for the execution of resource-intensive on-board geographic information applications in an acceptable time, different means of situational adaptation of digital spatial data are used. The described method is based on a model representing spatial data as a set of step-by-step approximations, which makes it possible to provide their situational adaptation by fetching data at the required level of detail. 

Key words

on-board geographic information applications, spatial data, situational adaptation, levels of detail, wavelet transformation. 

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